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Top tips for digital HCP engagement

12 May 2023 | By Brand Engagement Team
Customers and HCPs expect information in a way that suits them. Make sure you meet their expectations.

When it comes to pharma and HCP engagement, customers expect information in a way that suits them, either in-person or digitally, meaning that we need to deliver both, seamlessly. How? Maximise your digital assets in order to meet your customers where they are. 

Take a look at our top tips for digital HCP engagement: 

Maximise your engagement assets 

You’ve developed quality, digital resources and built a bank of useful assets. But are you sharing your content across all channels and sites in the formats your customers prefer? Don’t let that information go to waste. Maximise potential, build brand awareness and stay top of mind

Be consistent 

Dropping a webinar, article or email once in a blue moon just won’t cut it. Be consistent to build awareness and above all, to build trust. Consistency creates engagement, attendance at your events, opening your emails and taking your calls. And of course trust builds relationships

Hone your database 

Are you investing time in your database of valued customers? Are you working on understanding the data, your customers’ needs, or creating personas? Capturing consents, preferences and understanding prescribing behaviour supports personalised engagement that can hit the mark. 

Offer the same experience, in person or virtually 

Digital provides us the amazing ability to reach more people at any one time. If hosting in-person events, consider going hybrid. Live-streaming the event or recording for on-demand access increases your reach. Reach those clients that can’t make it in the room and give longevity to the quality content being shared. There’s no need to choose one or the other. 

Be omnipresent with engagement

Meet HCPs where they are and how they want to be contacted. Relevant information, matched to their persona and prescribing position, consistently delivered through the right channels at the right time for them can pay dividends. 

Informed by data insights, our strategic focus can build on your current approach or add value with renewed analysis across your market.