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Six reasons why outsourced sales teams succeed in pharma

6 Mar 2024 | By Mark Ward
As pharma companies seek new ways to optimise commercial investments, outsourced sales teams have emerged as an appealing strategy. But how will this impact pharma’s go-to-market models in the future?

 1. Flexibility and agility

External sales teams allow pharma companies to scale up and down swiftly in response to market changes and new product launches. This is particularly beneficial for smaller pharma players lacking the commercial infrastructure. At Uniphar, our resourcing strategies are built on real time data and insights, which means agile teams that adapt at pace.

2. Specialisation

Outsourced sales reps can provide deep expertise in specific therapeutic areas, customer segments and geographies. This specialisation enables more targeted promotion than a generalist in-house sales force. This is why it’s essential to source candidates through commercially focused recruiters with expertise across different therapy areas and disciplines.  

3. Cost efficiency

Outfitting, training and managing an in-house sales force requires substantial fixed costs. External teams allow pharma companies to convert these fixed costs into variable costs, gaining savings and financial flexibility. And our robust L&D and management programmes mean that you can trust the teams are fully equipped to deliver for your brand.

4. Global reach

For pharma companies seeking to expand into new emerging markets, contracted sales teams enable market entry with lower risk compared to establishing owned infrastructure.

5. Performance-based fees

Outsourced sales forces shift much of the economic risk to partners who earn fees based on performance metrics like targets met. This aligns incentives for the outsourced provider. This is why we recommend real-time observations for individual performance and sales team activity, providing comprehensive reports against KPIs.

6. Seamless integration

Advances in technology enable tight integration between outsourced sales forces and pharma companies through shared platforms for data, content and training minimising coordination challenges. Our AI-powered engagement platforms drive next best actions for optimum engagement, and dashboards for clear oversight.

At Uniphar, our outsourced sales teams are perfectly complementing in-house talent to optimise market coverage, lower costs, accelerate product launches, whilst adapting quickly and effectively to market changes. As commercial models evolve, strategic use of external teams, supported by brand optimisation approaches, will play a growing role in effective pharma go-to-market strategies.

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