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Overcoming brand engagement strategy challenges 

27 Mar 2024 | By Hazel Lodge
We know that brand engagement strategies come with their unique challenges, we do it every day.

Here we’re sharing the common challenges our clients present and suggest some solutions to make your job easier.  

1. Regulatory compliance 

ABPI compliance, if critical, and the balance between medical and commercial needs careful navigation. Ensuring compliance and gaining medical approval can be a tough hurdle for brand engagement strategists, which is where our team of experts come in. Leveraging our years of pharma brand optimisation experience, honed over decades of navigating these complexities, we ensure seamless governance and regulatory compliance throughout all HCP engagement initiatives. 

2. HCP access 

We know HCPs are hard to reach, you need the data, you need consents, you need to find a time that is convenient within their busy working days. By embracing technological advancements at Uniphar, ​we’ve created innovative digital approaches that give​ you a more effective ways to engage with​ healthcare professionals to support your​ market development goals. When combined with in-person teams, they allow for multiple opportunities to effectively engage your customers. And we even have a wealth of consented HCP data that can boost your reach.  

3. Patient education and adherence 

Ensuring patients are fully informed, understand their condition, treatment options, and the importance of adherence is another significant challenge. Patients can have limited knowledge about their medical conditions and the available treatments, which can impact their ability to make informed decisions and adhere to prescribed treatments. Though take a look at our article on the patient as a decision maker – because this lack of knowledge is shifting.

By aligning your company’s patient vision with the patient’s lived experience and public awareness, we advise on effective ways to drive improved HCP-patient discussions, delivering lasting value and satisfaction. 

4. Competition and product differentiation 

The pharmaceutical market is highly competitive, with multiple companies offering similar products for the same indications. Differentiating your brand and effectively communicating its unique value proposition to both HCPs and patients can be challenging. Accessing intelligent market insights can enable you to build a personalised engagement strategy, centred around your customers. Our AI driven insights build a key picture for brands. 

5. Digital transformation 

With the increasing adoption of digital technologies in healthcare, you need to adapt your brand engagement strategies to optimise the effective use of digital channels and platforms. This includes leveraging social media, mobile applications, and other digital tools to reach and engage with your target audiences. Our SCORE digital maturity assessment can evaluate your current state, address strengths and weaknesses, and highlight what technology will help you to produce better commercial outcomes. 

6. Personalisation and customer experience 

Providing personalised and tailored experiences to HCPs is essential in a consumer-driven world. However, achieving this level of personalisation can be challenging, as it requires a deep understanding of individual needs and preferences, as well as the ability to deliver relevant and timely content across multiple touchpoints. Our customer intelligence team drive personalisation for brand optimisation with intelligent insights. Drawing detailed analysis of patient profiles, HCP prescribing potential, drivers, expectations and barriers, we deliver detailed engagement strategies. 

7. Data integration and analytics 

Collecting, integrating, and analysing data from various sources (eg sales data, market research, social media, patient data) is crucial for informing brand engagement strategies and measuring their effectiveness. These insights are key to making incremental adjustments to your brand strategy for impact and results. However, managing and making sense of large volumes of data can present considerable issues, especially when siloed or disconnected. Our wealth of data tools enable you to easily draw insights to challenge the boundaries of traditional thinking and move your brand towards an optimised future. 

At Uniphar, we work with pharma brands every day to understand their challenges and offer solutions for impact. We can improve your ability to effectively communicate with and engage your customers, ultimately driving better patient outcomes and commercial success. 

Whether defining your target audience, developing your brand identity or optimising your customer engagement, adhering to your unique KPIs, we deliver an end-to-end solution from strategy to implementation.  

Brand optimisation – an innovative opportunity to grow your strategic brands.