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Omnichannel top tips

12 Jan 2023 | By Brand Engagement Team
Whatever you call customer engagement, chances are you're on an omnichannel journey. Here are our top tips to help you out.

Pharma’s top tips for customer engagement 

Whatever you call customer engagement, chances are you’re on an omnichannel journey. Moving from multi-channel to omnichannel is hard, but at its core is clear communication with your customers. 

Here are our top tips to help you out: 

1. The customer comes first 

Omnichannel engagement is personalised. It is tailored to your customers. It meets their needs wherever they are, whenever they are looking. You can be multi-channel, but are you omnichannel? The connection of all elements around the customer is what makes the difference. 

2. Understand the data 

Having consent to contact your customers is fantastic – but you need to understand their needs. Take some time to review personas, prescribing positions, communication preferences, and then tailor your engagement to those you want to target – those most valuable to the brand. 

3. Consider all channels 

Tie your activities together. Are you hosting a virtual event? Could it be hybrid? What are you doing with that rich content – publish it, edit it into bite-sized learning or multimedia formats, create resources based on the outcomes…this all adds to your portfolio of assets. 

4. Communicate 

You have your data, you know your personas, you’ve got your assets, now you need to add value. A communications plan will ensure you’re in regular contact with your HCPs. You have the information they need, in a format they want, and you’re top of mind in their inbox with rich content to support their patients. 

5. Build a site 

Not sure where to host everything? Invest in an educational or promotional site. Everything is together in a single location, event registration, on demand videos, educational and promotional information – keep it all in one place. Allowing you to build that valuable HCP data to personalise the engagement and keep the process moving. 

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