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Europe’s decisive role in global healthcare’s future 

15 Apr 2024 | By Brand Engagement Team
As we look ahead to 2028, a confluence of factors will position Europe to play a decisive role in shaping the future of global healthcare. From policy leadership to research and development prowess, Europe's impact will be felt across many dimensions.

Policy and regulatory harmonisation 

One of the key drivers will be Europe’s continued push for harmonisation of healthcare policies and regulations across the EU member states. Initiatives like the European Health Data Space aim to create a single market for digital health services and products by 2028. This will facilitate cross-border healthcare, remote monitoring, and collaborative research efforts. 

Additionally, the new pharmaceutical strategy for Europe seeks to drive innovation while ensuring access to affordable medicines. Measures like concentrated negotiation leverage are expected to yield more equitable drug pricing across Europe in this decade. 

Research and innovation leadership 

Europe has long punched above its weight in biomedical and healthcare research output and innovation. This trend is poised to accelerate in the late 2020s, aided by expanded funding vehicles like the Horizon Europe program and the new European Partnership for Health Innovation. 

With world-class institutions like the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and high-calibre national research infrastructures, Europe is at the vanguard of fields like genomics, precision medicine, and disease biology understanding. Breakthroughs from European research could catalyse entirely new therapeutic modalities. 

Advanced manufacturing capabilities 

Progress in advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) like cell and gene therapies has been stymied by manufacturing bottlenecks. But recent continental initiatives like the new Horizon Europe partnership for ATMP manufacturing are prioritising this challenge head-on. 

By 2028, the EU could emerge as the leader in cutting-edge biomanufacturing capabilities for these transformative therapies. This could democratise access while fostering greater European self-sufficiency in an increasingly competitive global biotech landscape. 

Sustainability and value-based care ethos 

Finally, the continent’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and driving value-based, person-centred care delivery will influence global norms in the latter part of this decade. 

The European Health Union’s emphasis on resilient healthcare systems and environmentally sustainable practices will reverberate worldwide.  

Similarly, long-standing efforts to embed health technology assessment into coverage decisions could catalyse a global shift toward rewarding innovations that deliver superior patient outcomes and societal value. 

With an integrated vision across policy, science, and care delivery spheres, a greener and more equitable global healthcare landscape could be one of Europe’s most impactful legacies by 2028. 

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