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Are HCP education portals a thing of the past? 

1 Apr 2024 | By Brand Engagement Team
We believe there is very much a place for HCP education portals in driving understanding, building trust, and consented data, but wouldn’t be offering our clients balanced advice if we didn’t add our voice to the discussion.

Although called HCP education portals in this article, they can be educational, promotional or both and are designed to inform and educate HCPs. They can draw together in a single location all a pharma company or brand’s multimedia resources, promotional information, patient resources (for the HCP to share), host virtual events and offer event registration pages.  

They are instrumental in sharing knowledge, insight, data, brand information and shaping lifelong learning. However, with the advent of new technologies, personalised engagement and shifting preferences, will this make education portals obsolete? 


The rise of HCP education portals 

HCP education portals emerged as a response to the growing demand for accessible, convenient, and cost-effective means of delivering content to clinicians.  

They form a centralised hub to access a wealth of resources, including webinars, eLearning modules, case studies, and interactive tools. Their virtual learning environment can span geographies and time zones and busy schedules, enabling HCPs to access the information they want, at their own pace and convenience. 


The enduring value of HCP education portals 

Despite the emergence of new technologies and platforms, HCP education portals continue to hold significant value. Their role as a strategically curated and organised collection of material from reputable sources remains a compelling advantage. They can offer a structured approach to learning, allowing HCPs to track their progress, earn CPD/CME, and maintain comprehensive records of their professional development activities. Whilst also having content tailored to their persona and prescribing stage, moving them towards brand adoption. 


Furthermore, HCP education portals can build community, facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among HCPs from diverse backgrounds and specialties. Through discussion forums, peer-to-peer interactions, and virtual communities, they can foster the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices, ultimately enhancing patient care. 


The evolution of HCP education portals 

While HCP education portals are far from obsolete, they are undergoing a transformation to adapt to HCPs’ changing needs and preferences. Modern portals are embracing mobile-friendly designs, responsive interfaces, and seamless integration with CRMs, devices and platforms. This evolution ensures that content remains accessible and engaging, catering to the on-the-go lifestyle of busy practitioners. It also allows for the personalisation of content to the individual and dynamic activity based on previous interactions. 


Additionally, HCP education portals can leverage advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and gamification to create immersive and interactive experiences.  

These innovative approaches not only enhance knowledge retention but also foster skills development and decision-making abilities, better preparing HCPs for clinic and consultations. 


The future of HCP education portals 

As industry continues to evolve, the role of HCP education portals will remain pivotal. They will become increasingly personalised, utilising dynamic functionality, AI and machine learning to deliver tailored recommendations based on individual actions and preferences. 


According to us, and our clients, HCP portals are not a thing of the past; rather, they are evolving to meet the changing demands of the industry.  

While new technologies and platforms may emerge, the value proposition of these portals – centralised access to curated resources, consented data capture, and HCP preference building – remains unwavering.  

As healthcare professionals strive to provide the best possible care, HCP portals will continue to play a vital role in equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of modern medicine. 

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