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New partnership announcement

29 Jan 2024 | By Uniphar Access

Uniphar has been appointed to design and implement a global Managed Access Program (MAP) for the product range of Secura Bio, Inc. (“Secura Bio”) through its subsidiary, Durbin plc.

A world-leading provider of MAPs, Uniphar delivers innovative programs that allow patients with unmet medical needs to access therapies before they are approved or become commercially available in their country.

Secura Bio acquired panobinostat (“Farydak®”) from Novartis in 2019 and is currently selling the product in 15 countries with plans to make the products available to patients and doctors in a further 14 countries underway. Duvelisib (“Copiktra®”) was acquired by Secura Bio from Verastem in 2020 and is currently approved in the USA and EU EMA approval is expected shortly.

Through the MAP, physicians treating patients suffering from relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (“RRMM”), chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (“CLL”), or follicular lymphoma (“FL”) will be able to access panobinostat or duvelisib (as appropriate) through the ‘uniphi’ portal prior to its commercial availability. Access will be provided in response to unsolicited requests from clinical specialists on an individual named-patient basis, in accordance with local and international regulations.

Dan Piggott, Managing Director of Uniphar Group’s, Product Access Division, said of the collaboration, “we are pleased to be working in partnership with Secura Bio to ensure that patients with unmet medical need are able to access their medicines at the earliest possible opportunity via the managed access program.”

For Secura Bio, Erik Bokmans, VP and General Manager, Europe, said: ‘We feel it is important to work with Uniphar at this stage to ensure that patients and clinicians have access to Secura Bio medicines as they battle with these debilitating conditions. In the meantime, we continue to work hard with all relevant authorities to ensure our medicines are approved, reimbursed and available for all patients who can benefit from them.’

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About Secura Bio

Secura Bio is a pharmaceutical company specialising in haematology, with two approved products and a compelling near-term pipeline. It has US and International commercial operations which are expanding strongly, and clinical trials which are designed to lead to further regulatory approvals for a growing product range.

Secura Bio is headquartered in the USA, with regional offices in the EU and the UK.